The Re-Planting

3 Nov 2022, 8:00 – 17:30 UTC+02

The 🌱Re-Planting.

This 📆Thursday Event is the 🪄re-iteration of our ✨️🫓Famous Source Tue Mammoth style.✨️🦣

That’s right⁉️ It’s now a Thursday❗️ and it’s now at the Ivory Tusk‼️ an 🌈Amazing Venue in the ❤️‍🔥heart of the 🌃Valley with the opportunity for expansion.🔝

These 🐓early days🌅 are what’s most 🥅important as they directly 🗣dictate to the 💘Venue our need for a 🪴new home and how 🏷much they would be willing to 🌳💞🦣 accommodate us.

I’m talking 💚Source friendly 👍Prices, 👌Prizes, ✌️Vouches 🤟Dj’s till 5am and most of all space for our many workshops👏👏 and the possibility of opening a second stage.🙌

As 🪴Re-planting takes time this 📆Event will go through various 🤖updates⚡️ most of which will be coming after 🎃Halloween👻 so if you’d like to be involved in 👏helping shape our 🌈future, please🙏 don’t hesitate to ask.💬

What we already have in 🏪store from 5pm-8pm is 🛠workshops!!!

Have you ever gone to a 🎭party🎉 and wondered🤔 if there’s more to life than just a good time?😶

There’s fulfilment in connections🧐 but in the end of you 🎭experience🎉 is it possible to gain more than fond memory’s😶

🤨Could one, 🎉Party with a 💚Purpose?

Well, I 📯present🎩 to you the 🙌back bone for our 📆Event.

The 🛠Workshops phase!!!🥲👏👏

Used to 🕸network🧠 and acquire skills🍄⬆️ provided by the 🦸many apt 🦸‍♀️members of our 🦸‍♂️community.

🤩Members who contribute in this fashion are known as “🍄Truffles” as they help the “💚Source Tree🌳” by holding a 💓space💓 within her roots.

Currently our 🛠Workshops 🍄Truffles are at:

5pm 🧗‍♀️Sher’s Pilates💦
(The 💯best way to start the 🌅Day.
Warm🧡 your muscles💪 befor the play.🎉)

6pm 🧜‍♀️Paige’s Art Station.🎨

6pm 🐉Alex’s Staff lessons.📏

6pm 🤸‍♂️Luke’s Capoeira🦵
(😱Learn 💥Break 💫Dance Fighting!!!… Need I say more?)

6pm 🧞PrimeOrdial Shibari🪢
(If it’s 🪢Rope Bondage👯‍♀️ you’d like to see.
Look👀 no further than 🧞Grant’s Shibari.🪢)

7pm 🥷Scrawl’s Ninjustu.⚔️
(👨‍🎓Learn the 🛡defence of you🍄,
via 🥋Master 🥷Scrawl’s ⚔️Ninjustu!)

7pm 🧝‍♀️Sharma’s Happiness Workshop
(A 🛠workshop for a ✨️️skill we all need but mostly 🧩neglect)

8pm 🍄we 🍄will 🍄all make our way⤴️ to “Kemp Place Park” for 🍕Dinner and a 🎭Show.

🍕Dinner and 🎭Show is exactly that Dinner that will be 🍕Pizza’s 💞Provided by the 💚Source🌳 and for some 🌮variety🥗 I would ask that our 🍄Mycelium Members😍 bring a 🍜plate for all to 💓share.💓

The 🎭show will be a ❤️‍🔥space hosted by the 🙊man with a 🐠“Fish tail” that 🧜‍♀️Ariel would trade her legs❌️🦵🦵 for, 🕴Eil Jones!!!

This 🛸space will be for our many 🍄Fungi of the 🔥Fire🍄 and 🌈Flow🍄 to perform🌠 in.

(🔥FIRE🔥 FUNGI🍄 Fuel⛽️ will be provided🛢 for all 🔥performers🍄 who are interested🤗 in partaking❤️‍🔥 but each person will require a 🤏small induction and we 🙏ask that you bring 🔥Props🔥)

(🌈LED🌈 FUNGI🍄 are welcome to perform in a space🚀 in frount of our 🎧Dj’s from 9pm, 🙏please bring 🌈Props🌈)

After we are 😌nourished and 🤩entertained 🍕Dinner and a 🎭Show will step into

🌳Family 🍄Fungi 💚Gathering.

This is the time when 🍄members of our 💚community will have a chance to come 🙋forward and 🗣speak to us as a 🕸collective🧠 and I “😸Sassie Man” will personally hold this 🛸space until it’s time to 🚀start the party.🎉🎉🎉

The 🥳party begins🔫 with an 🎶opening set🎵 from non-other than the 👑King of Party🎉 himself🧨.

9:00pm 👨‍🎤Preemo Trash!!!!⚡️

9:45pm 👑Jai King Koi🎤
10:30pm 🏎Fast Lane🏁
11:15pm 💚Bustaflux🌴
12:00am 💸SkankstaH (No Money Gang)🪓

12:45am 🧬Shmish🦑
Our last 🎧DJ but last only in
Closing with 🐜sweet levels🤌 of
🔊Banging Bass.🔊
That my 🙀mere words could, nary emulate.💕

1:30am – 5am Open Decks 🎚🎛🎚
IF 🍄we have🍄 the 🍄numbers…

When you’re feeling a little 😵‍💫partied out, Our 💕Caretaker 🧚Victoria Samayah has the 🧊Chill space🤫 for all our members to take 5.
(Please🙏 bring 💛blankets and 🧡pillows to help 💞contribute or let 😻“Sassie man” know, if you’d like to 💝assist her as a 🧚Caretaker🧚‍♂️)

So, join us📯 for the 💌opportunity to ✨️better one’s self🥰 and others🍄 as we 🪴re-plant 🏗re-build and 🌳re-establish our thriving 💚Community.

📈$10 Entry before 9pm
📉$15 from 9pm with a 🥤“Free Gift”
PM 😺Sassie Man for 🎫“Free entry”🚪

We will🏃‍♂️ also be 🏃running🏃‍♀️ a
💞“Free Raffle”🎟💕 and a game I like to call☎️
💬Caption this!🖼”.

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