Proxizor 🇪🇪

Joshua Kling aka Proxizor who is Neurofunk/Darkside Drum & Bass producer from Estonia. He entered the production scene in 2012. Around 2013-2014, he made the decision to explore the realm of Dubstep, which subsequently sparked his growing interest in Drum & Bass.

Between 2017 and 2018, Joshua collaborated with his brother, known as KLING, under the alias Klingbrothers, creating music together. Regrettably their musical partnership was short lived. However, Joshua faced intermittent breaks in his production journey and he thought to be more of a solo artist and continue to grow that way.

In 2022, Joshua decided to re-engage with his music. A significant source of motivation for him was the “No Money Gang,” a prominent promoter of local artists.


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