Rainet or DJ SkankstaH was born in 1995 in Estonia. He fell in love with drum and bass in around 2016 but only tried mixing in 2020 for his own birthday party. Many of his friends were DJs and so he decided to throw the birthday party in the form of a club. So SkankstaH told no one about his newly learned DJ skills and wanted to surprise everyone by going behind the decks randomly at the event. This, unfortunately, was not to be because the party was cancelled due to Covid. The newly learned DJ then shared some of his mixes with friends and got a lot of support and positive feedback, which incentivised him to go on mixing. Since then he has made quite a lot of mixes and shared the stage with DJs such as TR Tactics & Shadow Sect aswell as played at Sostitium festival among others. SkanstaH mostly loves playing neurofunk and darkside dnb tunes, but every now and then he also plays some dancefloor or liquid sets. Lately he has also taken some interest in playing tech-house and minimal techno, but his main passion lies around darker dnb tunes.


Attended Events

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