Joshua Kling aka Proxizor who is Neurofunk/Darkside Drum & Bass producer from Estonia. He entered the production scene in 2012. Around 2013-2014, he made the decision to explore the realm of Dubstep, which subsequently sparked his growing interest in Drum & Bass. Between 2017 and 2018, Joshua collaborated with his brother, known as KLING, under …

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Rainet or DJ SkankstaH was born in 1995 in Estonia. He fell in love with drum and bass in around 2016 but only tried mixing in 2020 for his own birthday party. Many of his friends were DJs and so he decided to throw the birthday party in the form of a club. So SkankstaH …



Priv started his DJ career in 2007 in the legendary Potsataja DJ-school. For the first 3-4 years he played mostly hardstyle and hardcore music, but every now and then he tried to mix a little bit of drum and bass. Priv was also a member of Vicious Vendetta, which was formed back in 2011 in …

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