CURRENT VALUE / EYE-D / Therapy Sessions

21 Nov 2014, 23:00


Inspired by techno and creating a small studio at home in 1992, Berlin’s “Current Value” has been an instrumental force in the harder spectrum of DNB for the last decade.

In 2004, he received his Diploma at the School of Audio Engineering SAE . In mid-2005 Soothsayer released the first of several Current Value 12″s. Successive releases including a split 12″ w/ Kid Kryptic and the monumental “The Unspoken” EP underscored the growing quality of Current Value releases.
In 2006, Current Value continued to deliver ever more complex and precisely created music, with his new work for Soothsayer Recordings, Intransigent Recordings, Obscene Recordings, Algorythm and the US based Evol Intent Recordings. Current Value began to collaborate with SPL, Limewax , Counterstrike and Raiden, providing tunes for some of the most recognizable and loved DnB labels in the darker subgenre.
In 2011 Current Value remixed Noisia’s track ‘Purge’ featuring the Foreign Beggars, from their ‘Split The Atom’ album on Deadmau5′s Mau5trap label. This was in addition to a slew of other releases on Subdivision, Barcode, Section 8, Nekrologik Records and Tantrum Records.

2012 was a very exciting year in Current Value’s career thus far, with the crowning achievement being, without doubt, his collaboration with Bjork.
2013 opened with another step in this new direction, with tracks on The Sect Music label as well as his LP “Stay on This Planet”, which with tracks like Command, gave a nod to his past wildchild tendencies, showcased his skill with unrelenting and almost abrasive beats and manic arrangements, yet portrayed a more mature tinge to it.

His highly acclaimed side projects include “Machine Code” with Dean Rodell, and “Underhill” alongside Rodell & Cooh.
Current Value is now officially sponsored by NORD and has created a Kit and demo song for the Addictive Drums VST


Eye-D is a drum & bass/hardcore DJ/producer from the Netherlands. In the early 90s he started producing and playing hardcore as part of an outfit called ‘The Outside Agency’, but in 1998 his ever-present love for breakbeats resulted in the release of the first ‘Eye-D’ drum & bass record.

Since then Eye-D has been one of the most successful names in Dutch drum & bass, with releases on seminal labels such as Citrus, Ruff-Teck, Evol Intent and his current mainstay PRSPCT Recordings. Eye-D has also been involved in numerous collaboration projects with the likes of DJ Hidden, SPL, Black Sun Empire, Noisia, Evol Intent and Counterstrike. Eye-D has released on a variety of international labels and has performed as a DJ all over the globe. In addition to his work and drum & bass, his hardcore project ‘The Outside Agency’ (which he makes up together with DJ Hidden) continues to be one of the most respected and influential forces in the world of underground hardcore. Naturally Eye-D’s background in hardcore often results in some unique flavouring in both his DJ sets and his tracks.

Expect his sets to be hard-edged but still very effective on the dancefloor.



Tickets :

Regural 10.-
Facebook Attend 7.-
Dressed as a clown 5.-

Vip: 15.-

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