Plago 🇪🇪

Plago, drum&bass producer from Tallinn, Estonia, explores the edges and sides of neurofunk with his unique blend of rhythms, vocals and reese bass. Influenced by his hometown’s urban sounds, Plago’s music is a humble tribute to the genre’s pioneers.
Inspired by the likes of Black Sun Empire, Nickbee and Insideinfo, Plago’s sound is characterized by intricate basslines and agressive, darker mood.
With a modest stage presence and a focus on authenticity, he aims to connect with audiences on a deeper level.
As a part of Estonia’s electronic music scene, Plago hopes to inspire others to pursue their musical passions. Each release strives to push the boundaries of his craft, leaving a small but meaningful imprint on the global electronic music community.
Plago tries to stay independent in his sound-art, so he is releasing music mostly on his own label called “NRFNKD”. You can find his music on every popular platform, from Spotify to Deezer etc.


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