FES 🇪🇪

Artur, stage name Fes is 28 years old and born in Tartu. His love for music comes from his childhood, but his journey as DJ started only 2,5 years ago. Fes chose drum and bass as a main genre because he feels drum and bass music is alive and has energy to make mixes with. At the start it was mainstream drum and bass, but with time he explored more styles and learned how to mix them all in his sets. At the moment Fes is part of the team called Attic Bass which makes live streams of DJs mixing all genres. Also with Attic Bass they attend many summer festivals such as Solstitium and Saaremaa Jam. Fes also have played at KÕU and Art of Nature. So from Fes you can expect energy and fun drum and bass.


Attended Events

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